Research Experience Program


Department of Psychology

The Research Experience Program (REP) is designed to give students direct exposure to the topics, goals, methods, and ethical issues of psychological research. This is an important component of the Introductory Psychology 1100 course and your participation counts for approximately 10% of your grade. Participation can take the form of:

At OSU, the study of human behavior has contributed prominently to the science of psychology and to the training of students. Your participation as a research subject ensures the continuation of both of these scientific and educational goals. You will be exposed to a variety of techniques and investigative tools used in psychology, as well as current research topics. Please be assured that all research using human subjects is carefully evaluated and screened to make sure that your comfort, your rights as an individual, and your personal integrity are preserved.

As part of your participation, you will be debriefed by researchers about the ideas behind their experiments, and you may have questions answered about their research. The researcher is responsible for presenting two or three key points from the research. A thorough debriefing is your right and will help enrich your learning in the research participation option.

Should you choose the research participation option, you can choose to participate in a given research study is given and recorded by clicking "Research" on the internet web site. Nonetheless, if you find a particular research study disturbing once you have begun participating, you may withdraw without prejudice and still receive full credit. In such instances, we ask that you report your experience to the REP Office.